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About DeFi ETH

Digital currency financial innovation leader and incubator.

DeFi ETH Introduction

DeFi ETH is the decentralized financial laboratory of Ethereum, which is jointly invested by Grayscale Investment Trust, Ethereum Fund, Norway Government Pension Fund Global, Kuwait Investment Authority, JPMorgan Chase, Turkey Wealth Fund.

DeFi ETH is a pioneering platform for digital currency financial innovation. It has mastered the underlying development technology of blockchain, has rich financial market management and practical experience, and focuses on the research and development of digital currency financial protocols. It aims to create a blockchain financial ecological platform with sufficient credit, low cost, fast liquidation, strong self-discipline, easy supervision and wide application. Our core goal is to enable users and projects to exchange digital value without friction, low gas efficiency, or security risks. Our products include liquidity cloud mining, staking, cross-chain exchange, Algo and NFT lossless lottery. We position ourselves as the leader and incubator of the ecosystem, and continue to expand its products to governance, markets, launch pads and AMM.

The current currency holding income plan launched by DeFi ETH is the most stable and safest investment model.

  • secure
  • simple
  • High return
  • Access anytime
  • 24-hour service
  • Tech support

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Cloudhub offers a low latency worldwide network, enabling you to deploy your service infrastructure in close proximity to your customer base.

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