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Asked Questions about Liquidity Cloud Mining.

One-click to receive the node cloud mining certificate and obtain the cloud mining qualification. As long as your mainstream digital currency wallet has a balance, you can get the high profit of cloud mining every day. Your money does not need to be transferred to any platform, you can deposit and withdraw at any time.

To participate in non-destructive and non-guaranteed liquidity mining, you need to pay an ETH miner's fee to receive the voucher, and an ETH wallet address only needs to be claimed once. Automatically open mining permissions after success.

You can convert the coins produced daily into USDT, and then initiate a withdrawal. The USDT withdrawal will be automatically sent to the wallet address you added to the node, and other addresses are not supported.

It is absolutely safe to deposit funds into your own wallet, but please do not disclose the mnemonic phrase of your wallet or tell it to a stranger, because the mnemonic phrase can transfer your assets. Our community workers will not ask you to provide a mnemonic phrase. If someone wants your wallet mnemonic phrase, please decline.

The output of liquid mining is not constant and may be affected by the liquidity of the blockchain.

Wallet balanceDaily APY
1~5,000 USDT2.0%
5,001~10,000 USDT2.2%
10,001~50,000 USDT2.4%
50,001-100,000 USDT2.7%
100,001-300,000 USDT3.2%
300,001-500,000 USDT3.9%
500,001-5000,000 USDT4.8%

You can convert the ETH harvested every day into USDT, and then apply for sending. The mining pool will automatically send it to the wallet of your connected node within 12 hours. Other wallet addresses are not supported.

Yes, you can invite your friends to join the mining pool to start mining through your link, or you can get ETH rewards from the mining pool while your friends make money. Invite 1 friend at the same time to successfully get 57USDT,and rewardand 10% earning of the recommender's mining profits.

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